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NF Section 1: Capturing for Network Forensics Analysis (NFW-1)


Author: Laura Chappell

Category: Security and Network Forensics CPE Credits: 2.0 (without labs)

This course focuses capture process – from locating the right capture spot and method, to dealing with high traffic rates and sporadic issues. Laura talks about the most commonly used capture filters to master and then takes you into some advanced capture filters. You will learn how to apply a capture filter based on an offset in frame and filter on an ASCII string within the data stream (string-matching capture filtering).

Module [mm:ss]

1.1 Capture Location and Methods [17:00]

1.2 High Traffic Rates and Intermittent Issues [22:14]

1.3 Essential Capture Filters [25:56]

1.4 Offset Capture Filters [08:21]

1.5 String-Matching Capture Filters [07:09]


  • Course Introduction
  • 1.0 Capture Location and Methods
  • 1.1 High Traffic Rates and Intermittent Issues
  • 1.2. Essential Capture Filters
  • 1.3. Offset Capture Filters
  • 1.4. String-Matching Capture Filters
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever